AZ KI Ultra Camp # 4

  • 16 Игроков
  • Группы (4 → 1) затем Single Elimination
  • Killer Instinct

Tournament completed!

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Players are ranked from most skilled to least skilled. Players are then split into groups of 4 to 5 according to this ranking, each assigned to a Station.  Starting on January 7th, players will then complete ONLINE first to 5s against everyone at their Station.

After all Stations finish, Promotion/Demotion matches will now be played. The highest ranking players on each station will play the lowest ranking players on the station above them. After the match, the winner of the match will be placed in the higher station and the loser will be placed in the lower station. For example, if I am the lowest ranking player on Station 2, I will play a Demotion match with the highest ranking player on Station 3. If I lose, I will be placed on the Station 3 and the other player will be placed on Station 2. I will try to get these matches streamed and recorded for later use and analysis. 

After every Promotion/Demotion match has been completed, the ranking will be adjusted to reflect the winners and losers. 

At the end of the week, the rankings of each station will be preserved for next time. In the next Ultra Camp session, we will use the new ranking and continue until the end of time.  These will happen about once a month.



+ A chance to form relationships with your peers. You may meet some new training partners on your station, with equal or slightly greater skill level. 

+ A way to accurately measure your success. We'll be keeping records of your win counts per session, as well as your differential from month to month. From there we can see if you're getting the results you're looking for, or if you're stagnating and need to work on a particular matchup/strategy.

* * *


- NOT a tournament. This isn't the time to hide your tech or put all your investment into one match. You should be actively learning and sharing knowledge with your peers. Remember, if your opponents get better, you will get better.

- NOT a substitute for practice. This is a very common misconception, because most people will only want to play once a week. You should be coming up with new tech and strategies throughout the week, and then Ultra Camp is the place to TEST those strategies. If you can't execute your new strategies consistently then there's no point.

- NOT casual play.  If our players go autopilot or don't take it seriously, then we lose our competitive edge and our capacity to internalize any lessons we learn.

Thanks to Jon Toy for the basis for these rules.

Финальные результаты

Победитель: TGZ Svm (Spinal, Hisako, Mira)
Достойный соперник: TGZ TsO BlindG (Omen,Shago)

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